Indigenous Dispute Resolution & Consulting

Building and fostering peaceful relations using Indigenous methods for resolving disputes and educating the legal profession.

Our Services

We work with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous clients to foster positive relationships through dispute resolution and education.

Dispute Resolution

Uses Indigenous practices to resolve disputes between Indigenous peoples, communities, Nations, and organizations. Also resolves disputes between Indigenous and non-Indigenous parties.

Internal Policy Development & Consulting

Works with First Nations, Indigenous organizations and governments to review, revise, develop, and consult on internal policies and by-laws.


Works with law firms, law schools, law societies, and other organizations to build and foster genuine, reciprocal relationships. Provides catered training to educate and engage on histories and current realities of Indigenous peoples.

She:kon! My name is Lauren! I am Kanien’keha:ka with my roots in Tyendinaga. I am currently located in Tkaronto.

After a short career in Canadian law and policy, I have decided that the best way for me to give back to my Indigenous relatives is to bring back our traditional ways of resolving disputes. I want to create space for Indigenous peoples to build or rebuild peaceful relations staying away from the Canadian court system. Many aspects of Canadian Law are not our way and we need to get back to our traditions.

Why Indigenous Dispute Resolution?

Canadian court processes are lengthy and expensive. It involves Canadian laws being applied to complex and historic Indigenous issues and, often times, the people making final decisions are not Indigenous. Indigenous Dispute Resolution is rooted in peace-making and the traditional values that go into peaceful relationship building. At Tewatate:ken we use the Seven Grandfather Teachings and the teaching of the Great Law, as well as others, to help our clients resolve disputes. Let’s get back to our roots.

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